Health Care Organizations

Duke University Health System

Our advocates are trained by resident physicians at Duke University Hospital, one of the country's leading health care systems.

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Our program was inspired by Johns Hopkins' own "Lay Health Advocates" program. The LHA team at Johns Hopkins helps advise the program, while Johns Hopkins Hospital's resident physicians help educate our advocates.


The "National Alliance on Mental Illness", or NAMI, has chapters all over America. We began our NAMI partnership with the DC chapter, who's president helps advise our program.

NAMI Baltimore

We want to build relationships with NAMI chapters and hospitals across the nation. As our partnership with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, grew, we began partnering the the Baltimore chapter of NAMI as well.

Healing City Baltimore

Healing City Baltimore is a sustained movement of neighbors, united as a citywide community, to engage in honest dialogue, learn from diverse perspectives, embrace our differences and commit to healing together as a foundation to pursuing a racially, socially, and economically just and thriving Baltimore for ALL.


The Greater Baltimore Regional Integrated Crisis System (GBRICS) Partnership will invest $45 million over five years to transform behavioral health crisis response services in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County. GBRICS will expand the capacity of mobile crisis teams and community-based providers to reduce police interaction and overreliance on emergency departments.