Who We Are

Lay Mental Health Advocates is a community health program designed to train and connect passionate volunteers with people seeking help navigating the world of mental healthcare. Our six-week-long program is taught by clinicians, residents, and social workers from some of the country's leading medical centers, including Johns Hopkins Medicine and Duke Health Systems.

Program Overview

LMHA Course

Anyone interested in increasing their awareness of mental health issues and being an asset in their community when mental health problems arise is welcome to take our free course. An overview of topics covered by the course can be found here. All courses are taught via zoom.

Volunteering through the LMHA Network

Everyone could use a helping hand, especially those struggling with the weight of mental illness. We partner with local mental health organizations to connect our advocates with those seeking help. Advocates can help people in a variety of ways, including

  • making appointments

  • working together on managing medication

  • working together on stress management

  • understanding what questions to ask their therapist/psychiatrist

  • understanding recent diagnoses, medications, or therapies

  • understanding the social determinants of mental health

  • educating help seekers on available resources

  • reaching out to local services

Our Story

LMHA began as a volunteer project of NIH Academy Fellows, a program of the National Institutes of Health that gives trainee scientists the opportunity to implement a volunteer health program that addresses health disparities in their communities.